Emersa dal Mediterraneo, immersa in un mondo a parte. È la terra dell’Etna.

A heritage full of legends.

If you were Zeus, where would you lock up the most terrifying monster in Greek mythology? Typhon was taller than the tallest mountain in the world. With his hands he grabbed the stars and with his legs he crossed the Aegean Sea in 4 steps. On his shoulders he had 100 snakes that roared like lions. His legs were made of two twisted dragons, tongues of fire sprang from his eyes, and he spat out red-hot boulders.
Nonetheless, Zeus got the better of him, defeating Typhon and trapping him under the mountain Etna. Legend says it is his constant fury in trying to free himself that creates the volcano’s eruptions. When you are in Sicily you will understand that it is difficult to live without legends in a place like this.

Let’s get to the facts. Etna is the largest and highest active volcano in Europe, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013. It rises over 3300 meters high above sea level with a majestic and irregular profile created by the emission of lava, gas and ash.

The fascination with Etna is not only due to its stunning landscape, but also to its biodiversity. As we hike up high on the flanks of the volcano, we will encounter different species of plants which change depending on the different climatic conditions of the various altitudes. Among the endemic species recognized as Etnean we have the Soapwort, the Broom, the Mediterranean Hackberry, the Birch, the Chamomile and the Tansy.