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Explore Etna’s nature on a custom-made trekking.
Taste the food and wine masterpieces of Etna.

The Experience

Get your Etna’s SOUL


In between the sea and the volcano. We are in Sicily, homeland to Mount Etna, where the mediterranean sea meets the mountains and unbelievable trekkings among wonders can be experienced. Wildlife’s beauty will embrace you.


Get ready to live culinary experiences you will take away with you for the rest of your life. We will try the most iconic products and recipes of this land. A delicious and exciting way to go back to the origin.



The scents from the sea and the sharp volcanic soil make the vineyards able to deliver wonders you will find in the cellar, in the bottle and in the glass. We will leap into these sensations with guided tastings surrounded by Etna’s nature.

It all starts with a dream

This is the same way your experience with Get Your Etna will begin.From one of the most beautiful days spent in nature on Etna.

We left home with only a tent, water, local sausage and a bottle of wine, a must on our travels to discover new territories. Once camped, we decide to patrol the area. We find an old terracotta tile near a shelter, typical for building the roofs of farmhouses. The idea of ​​using it to cook our sausage over the fire, as was traditionally done, gave rise to the most beautiful dinner of our life: in the midst of nature, in front of a fire, completely alone, except for the company of a fox who came to visit us attracted by the scent of the sausage.

It was so exciting and fun that we decided to relive and share these moments and these sensations with people who, like us, have the curiosity to rediscover the flavors and traditions of the past, to savor the joy of food, the peace of wine, beauty of nature.

“They will be moments of life to remember forever.”

What do you want to live

To live Sicily is to find its hidden gems

Live unique activities with the people you want with you, in places available exclusively for you. This is GetYourEtna.

Food & wine experience





Bike tour & gourmet lunch

Bike tour & gourmet lunch

We do not provide standardised programs, what we offer is a tailor-made experience.

The joy to show you through our land

We are Barbara and Amilcare, together we will create for you a unique taste-and-nature experience of Etna. We will live it with you, leading you to its marvels.

Barbara Liuzzo

I have worked for multinational companies, in those environments that drain the time and energy of your life. One day I said to myself “I don’t want to do this for all my life”, so I left Milan and I came back to Sicily to manage the sales and hospitality of an Etna winery. An experience that made me understand the beauty and potential of this land. Now I have a child and I want to pass on the authentic values ​​of life, respect for nature. Hence my new commitment: create experiences for those who want to stop for a moment and savor real things in a special place.

Amilcare Lorenzi

I was born right under Etna. This is my land and to tell it and make it discovered I have been a naturalistic guide since 2011. I studied geological, botanical and naturalistic subjects, both in books and by exploring that infinite library of scientific knowledge and continuous discoveries that is Etna. When we go together on the paths, in the woods and on the lava flows of the volcano, I will talk to you about my land as a father talks about his daughter who is about to get married: with love and pride. To make you understand that my pride is justified, I will take you to the most beautiful places I know.

Be ready for Etna’s emotions.

Etna is the highest and most active volcano in Europe, listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage since 2013. It is more than 3300 metres a.s.l. high with a majestic and uneven silhouette, shaped by the lava flows and releases of ashes and gas.

It is a volcano that attracts people instead of scaring them: the fertile soil is the origin of the human settlements on “her” slopes. Agriculture and the mountain share a bond, which today allows for the production of peak quality wines. To live an experience on Etna is to do it in a parallel world:

the grandiosity of the volcano, the peaceful woods, the glimpses of the Mediterranean sea, nature’s strength and beauty and the pleasure of its fruits with the wines among them.

Book now your unforgettable experience.

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