Vineyard experience

Vineyard experience

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The collaboration between Get Your Etna and Benanti Winery rise from the desire to combine the tasting experience in an informal way directly in the vineyard, savoring DOC wines and culinary preparations linked to our land.
Founded in 1988, Benanti is one of the most celebrated and highly regarded wineries on Etna; named “Italian Winery of the Year” by the prestigious Gambero Rosso wine guide, “Top-100 Winery” by the US magazine Wine & Spirits and defined as a pioneer of quality wine making in the region by the highly reputed US publication Wine Spectator. Benanti is the only winery on Etna with vineyards on the four slopes of the volcano. Our guests will therefore taste wines which are fully representative of the different growing zones in the Etna Doc wine region: a truly unique wine experience!

The vineyard’s eastern exposure, with the Ionian Sea located just five miles away, assures constant ventilation, rainy and humid climate. At these elevations, the maturation of grapes can occur more slowly, ensuring that perfumes are retained. There is – in fact – a particular tendency for wines produced in Milo to maintain a sustained acidity, freshness and aromatic finesse, hence only in this unique corner of the Etna DOC Region is the prestigious sub-appellation Etna Bianco Superiore allowed.
During their stroll among the vines, guests will also have the chance to appreciate the traditional vine training system known as Alberello Etneo (individual, head-trained, spur-pruned bush vines supported by chestnut stakes).

When walking to the little lava stone house, which was renovated and converted from an equipment shed into a mini-tasting room, guests will be able to see the traditional old well, located by the house and, gazing towards the sea, they will be able to admire Taormina and the shores of Calabria to the North, and the Catania and Siracusa provinces to the South. Furthermore, looking towards the volcano, the very active South-East Crater and the Valle del Love will also be very clearly visible.


Meeting point Benanti Winery (Milo) Welcome & Vineyard Tour Benanti DOC wines masterclass and food pairings
Tasting experience directly in the vineyard savoring DOC Etnei wines and our culinary preparations.

Length 12:30/14:30


Comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sun cream, wind jacket.


The temperatures on Etna can be from 10 to 15 degrees °C lower than on the coast.

This program includes the visit of the vineyard plus the guided tasting of Benanti wines along with lunch (food pairings have to be agreed in advance according to preferences or dietary requirements)