Masterclass Vini Doc & Food Pairing

Masterclass Vini Doc & Food Pairing

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The highest and most active volcano in Europe: Mount Etna. It is one of the highest in the world and it has been enlisted in the UNESCO’s World Heritage in June 2013 Etna is a natural scientific laboratory to study the volcanic areas and its (HER) intense activity has been monitored and recorded since Classical Greece. Documents about it were already written 2700 years ago. Centuries of eruptions shaped the landscapes, turning the indigenous and typical sicilian-mediterranean wildlife and flora into an almost-lunar environment. This is today protected by a large restricted area, the Natural Park of Mt. Etna, established in 1987. A vast and diverse environment extended from the coast of the Ionian sea to the patches of vineyards and citrus cultivated land, from the thick chestnut and oak forests to the scarcity of life as you get close to the peak, from where you can admire an outstanding view of eastern Sicily. There is a strong bond between Catania and Mt. Etna: the volcano towers over the city and re-shapes landscapes and views. A bond which finds more strength through the traditional recipes passed onto us from our grandmothers. What is reaped from nature has to be treated with care in our kitchen and every recipe’s goal is to preserve the fruits of nature. We want to share the joy of our food and our oldest culinary traditions with the people who are curious, like us, about re-discovering the original flavours while being embraced by mother nature. We are strongly tied to the Etna DOC wines production, all of our tastings will be food and wine matchings, an essential aspect in our land.


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Forget home cooking, we will prepare traditional dishes that are not in recipe books but only in memories

Length from 12.30 am to 02.30 pm


Comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sun cream, wind jacket.


The temperatures on Etna can be from 10 to 15 degrees °C lower than on the coast.

N.B.: Reservation is required one day in advance